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    Platform to improve
    business cooperation between
    Italy & South Africa


Who is M.Ro

M.Ro rappresented by Mrs Romina Nicoletti has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Italy rappresented by Ambassador Pro Tem Mrs Nomatemba Tambo.

We believe that the connection between diplomatic and business is considered as pivotal for the social and economic development, especially concerning the qualification of the training, research and innovation activities, both in the company and in a manufacturing field;

- The Embassy of South Africa interested in developing fruitful relationships with organizations and companies, in developing projects at improving the local competitiveness through adoption of technological and organizational innovation, the cooperation with third Countries, increase in foreign investments in South African area;

- M.Ro SRLs is a consultancy company with experience in Company Internationalization (with a particular focus on SMEs). Its mission is to facilitate the access of SMEs in foreign markets by helping them in developing a proper access strategy , the destination and supporting them in introducing innovative processes.

Romina Nicoletti

CEO e founder of M.Ro Business Cooperation and Innovation Center. She started her career in the Customer Service Industry Alitalia- 7C spa, then she launched and invested in many start-ups in different sectors, especially in the Environmental, TLC and Public Affair. She was a co-founding Partner of SEP the leading Italian company for the production of quality compost, serving as GM. She served as advisor for the teleworking project at the Lazio Government; and previously advisor to Immigrantion Office at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She has role in social-economic development projects behalf of the Industrial Union Association and of private Association.

Nomatemba Tambo

Nomatemba Tambo is South African Ambassador to Italy. She has presented her credentials to President Giorgio Napolitano in April 2013. She is also non-residential Ambassador and High Commissioner to Malta, Albania and San Marino as well as Permanent Representative to the Rome-based United Nations Agencies. Before moving to Rome, she served as Consul General to Hong Kong, China. Nomatemba Tambo is also co-Founder and Chair of the South African Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong and co-Founding Member of Women in Capital Growth (a Black Empowerment Company), Contributing Editor for Fair Lady Magazine, Director for Webnet Solutions, Chief Executive for Evening Star Manufacturing, Director for Resilient Income Property Fund.


ITASA’s a business network to help unleashing the huge potential of relationships with organizations and enterprises and to develop ad hoc projects aimed at improving the local and national competitiveness level.
ITASA also fosters the cooperation with third Countries and increase foreign investments, both in the South Africa area and wherever such opportunities may arise.

ITASA’s mission is to help Italian and South African enterprises to penetrate foreign markets, developing a proper and efficient enter strategy, analyzing the destination market and the Internationalization process.
ITASA also supports SMEs in finding the most proper financing tools, with a particular focus on the opportunities offered by the European co-financing funds.

In particular ITASA will improve projects in the following areas:

- Training, update and career guidance and entrepreneurship; Research programs aimed at the application of the results in the production;

- Diffusion and technology transfer;

- Information, advice and assistance scientific technological and financial;

- Financial of study, research and information, including through the exchange of knowledge;

- The development of a network that allows the collaboration of Italian companies with the South African and increase foreign investment in South Africa.

- Achieve many significant agreements aimed at developing economic and social cooperation, agreeing on common actions in the field of training, research and technology transfer, internationalization, eu funds over the years by signing agreements specific and conventions;


ITASA aims to help develop relationships with Organizations, Companies and the development of projects aimed at raising the level of local competitiveness through adoption of technological and organizational innovation, cooperation with third countries, increase in foreign investments in South African territory.

ITASA’s goals may be summed up as follows:

Supporting the access to markets and fostering B2B communication in every field so as to strengthen the National/European/International dimension of the enterprise, to improve the visibility of professionals and SMEs, to increase the number of Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Transnational and Inter-Regional Cooperation, to enlarge the diversification of talents and of financing tools, to improve the competitiveness and the interaction among international markets, to support the research of new commercial and investment opportunities.

- Professional and entrepreneurial education, vocational training and update courses.

- Research programmes aimed at implementing the research results into the production process.

- Exchange and diffusion of technology.

- Providing informative, scientific, technological and financial assistance.

- Research, information, education activities, included the exchange of knowledge.

- Development of a network allowing the cooperation between Italian and South African enterprises, increasing the foreign investments in South Africa.

- Diffusion of Italian culinary culture and “Made in Italy”.

- Organization of informative events, seminars, workshops and communication activities.

- Identification of excellences linked to specific areas and belonging to the Italian handcraft tradition and knowledge exchange with South African professionals.

- Sharing a network trademark which shall allow each enterprise to reach a remarkable visibility on markets.

- Development of an IT platform which shall allow a capillary promotion of enterprises as a network and as a single over proper circuits.

- Drawing up of a three-years shared operational plan allowing the network to have access to national and international markets.

- Positioning of the network mark on the Internet in cooperation with the gateway Italia.it (innovative communication campaigns on the social network and on dedicated blogs).

- Promotion of the network through proper offline communication campaigns and/or on site marketing activities.


South Africa is actually the most developed country in the African Continent.

After the end of apartheid, the South African economy has undergone a profound transformation, moving from a primary sector based structure to a model in which service and manufacturing sectors have gradually increased their importance: according to data dating back to 2013, these sectors respectively produce 29% and 68.4% of the GDP of the country, while agriculture accounts for the remaining 2.6%. South Africa is a Country offering opportunities which cannot be found in the rest of African Continent.

There are remarkable perspectives of development not only as a market in itself, but also as a hub for the wider area sub-Saharan Africa, both in the commercial sector as well as for the creation of productive partnerships.

Being here, in a joint venture, allows us to have access not only to the remarkable local market, but also to the countries belonging to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Customs Union comprising 14 Countries in sub-Saharan Africa (Angola, Botwana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Swaziland, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe).

The areas of interest to the South African Government are the following:
infrastructure development, agriculture, fisheries and forestry, mining, textile, green economy, ocean economy, tourism.

The link among the Diplomatic, Government and Corporate world is considered of particular importance to actions aimed at developing economic and social cooperation, with particular regard to the qualification of the training, research and innovation activities carried out both within the company both in productive.

All of this clearly shows the need to collect together players and stakeholders on both the Italian and the South African territory which are able to offer a high quality and efficient proposal, so as to create a network and develop an integrated service package in terms of business.

Initially, ITASA action is focused on the province of Gauteng.

Cooperation on urban development and housing areas, creation of commercial and industrial areas with modern and innovative infrastructures, relying on green energies. The creation of schools, hospitals, airports enlargement as mentioned in the province of Gauteng development plan.
- Training courses so as to train professional figures as: teachers, nursery and cooking staff.
- Training and development of enterprises in the field of handcraft, industry and trade.
- Special attention will be paid to the implementation of the “World Food Soul” project in Ekurhuleni.
- Support and development of institutional relations between Italy and South Africa.

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